Getting Started

Content is king, so I better put some up here 😉 I have been experimenting with a blood glucose meter and no, I don’t have diabetes but I read a PDF written by Jinjee Talifero called The Orange Juice Diet and how people with canidida might want to buy a blood glucose meter to see their levels and how certain foods affect your blood sugar. So I did and it’s been fun to see the results, minus pricking my finger for blood. Consumer Reports rated the ReliOn from Walmart the best value, it was $9 and 50 test strips $20. My blood glucose was at the lowest 55 one afternoon and at the highest 122, which is still great. I’m still trying to figure out what all the ranges mean but it’s been interesting to see how each food affects my blood sugar.

I’m obsessed with making muffins right now, mostly Peppermint Coconut Vegan muffins but also carrot and corn muffins. And I’ve been experimenting with different sugar substitutes and coconut sugar to see how my body reacts. I’ve always hated artificial sweeteners but on the Body Ecology Diet (BED) I’m not supposed to have any sugar so I’ve been using xylitol, erythritol, lo han, stevia and coconut sugar. I’m not supposed to have the coconut sugar on BED but I’ve read that it doesn’t affect you the way regular sugar does so I wanted to see if it affected my blood sugar. If I’m testing properly (time matters) then I think I had one of the lowest days when I used the coconut sugar, LOL. I’ll post the recipe when I’m done perfecting them for now I’m obsessed with eating them, for testing purposes only! Actually I can’t stop eating them once I start which is good because I’m only making small testing batches and thankfully they don’t seem to be affecting my weight; they aren’t really on the BED diet either as you aren’t supposed to have flour of any kind in the initial phase, but I know how good coconut is for you and needed something since I’ve been doing the diet since the end of September. I reached my goal weight easily but I’m really looking to have clear beautiful skin and since that hasn’t happened yet I am continuing on.


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